Adult Puberty

“Introduction to Adult Puberty”

You know those videos they used to show us in high school about adolescent boys going through puberty? Well, this is the adult version of those about...

The Wasif’s Latest Book Now Available

Andy Wasif’s new how-to book about moving to Los Angeles is now available through Amazon and Kindle. It’s the only book about Los Angeles...

March Madness Parody Video

March Madness Parody Video

With March Madness starting in full force this week, office workplaces will be focused on one thing — their NCAA Tournament brackets. Written...

Happy New Year

2014 – My Year in Review

December 24, 2014 Festive holiday greetings to you, my dearest friends, future McConaghey, Adell Dazeem, the sons of both Mumford and Anarchy, past...

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