Who Is “The Wasif?”

It was once believed that the Wasif did not exist, but was merely a legend borne of the tales told by seafaring adventurers upon returning from their travels abroad. Reaching almost mythical status, the Wasif had never been seen in captivity, but yet was astute at observing civilization.

Did he only come out at night? Was he a master of camouflage like the chameleon? How had he remained such a mystery? It was these questions that enticed the curious to investigate. And only recently have archaeologists begun to unearth writings of the Wasif.  They found that not only did the Wasif exist, but he had quite a portfolio of material.  [quote style=”boxed” float=”right”]I feel I’m getting older because my rolodex is accumulating more doctors than friends. . . plus the fact that I still have a rolodex.[/quote] And after some cursory biographical research, they made their findings available to the public, here on this site. Here is an excerpt from their study: Andy Wasif is a writer with a background in stand-up comedy. Raised in Boston, where he developed a deep connection to the Red Sox, he attended Syracuse University, originally to pursue a career in sports journalism. [quote style=”boxed” float=”left”]Family is where you go to solve all your problems. . . of course, much of the time, they are the cause of said problems.[/quote] He soon turned his attention to writing comedic scripts for television and movies. Though his first few books were deeply inspired by his roots and favorite baseball team, he’s also produced a collection of comedy sketches, stand-up comedy performances, essays expounding on many subjects, annual year-end notes, an animated short, and many more works of humor. [quote style=”boxed”]I’m not saying my acting skills are bad, but the only role I won was that of Yorick in a regional production of “Hamlet.”[/quote]

Now, as he juggles other projects in various stages of development, he is a regular contributor to “The PostGame,” the on-line magazine of Yahoo! Sports, and has also written for Yahoo! Movies.  [quote style=”boxed” float=”right”]I just finished typing my 50,000 word novel using a banana to hit all the keys. The title speaks for itself — “Kojujt6yb.”[/quote]

If humor is what you seek, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find a creature with an observant eye, a flair for the irreverent, and a tongue which is planted firmly in-cheek.  We invite you to take a step inside the World of the Wasif.[quote style=”boxed”]In life, there are no regrets, only lessons; lessons that highlight our regrets. [/quote]


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