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Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the surcease from pain. ...

Funny Quotes

  • Missouri is the “Show-Me State,” though ironically, as I found out when I was there, it’s actually illegal to show them.

  • I went to a Jewish-Catholic wedding once. It was interesting. They offered the communion wafer with a slice of lox on it.

  • Family is where you go to solve your problems . . . though much of the time, they are the cause of those problems.

  • I dig learning trivia. On a long car trip with my two-year-old nephew, I learned that the song “It’s a Small World After All” is two hours and fourteen minutes long.

  • In life, there are no regrets, just lessons; lessons that highlight our regrets.

  • With the stock market in a state of uncertainty right now, I put all my savings into a CD instead . . . “James Taylor Live at the Beacon Theatre” is the one I chose.

  • I feel I’m getting old because my rolodex is accumulating more doctors than friends . . . plus the fact that I still have a rolodex.

  • I’m not saying my acting skills are bad, but the only role I won was that of Yorick, the skull, in a regional production of “Hamlet.

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