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Andy Wasif is a humorist/stage and screenwriter/comedian splitting his time between Los Angeles and Boston. He is comedically trained at the iconic improvisation schools Upright Citizens Brigade, Acme Comedy Theatre, and Improv Olympic, plus spent what seemed a lifetime performing stand-up at clubs and colleges throughout the country. His acting also includes work as a commercial and animation voiceover artist.
His work includes a trilogy of humor books highlighting the rivalry between Boston Red Sox fans and those of the New York Yankees, including “How to Talk to a Yankee Fan”and “Red Sox University.” The third installment (“Red Sox Fans are From Mars, Yankees Fans are From Uranus”) becoming a Boston Globe bestseller in 2012. These led to his own page for Yahoo! Sports on-line magazine The PostGame (“Wasif’s World”) which focused on humorous commentary and athlete feature stories. His next book, “Hollywood Primer: Everything You Need to Know Before Moving to Los Angeles” is a comically observant and honest look at what it is truly like to live in Los Angeles. You can see videos on moving to Los Angeles here. He’s also penned two books of essays: “Don’t Talk Sports at the Dinner Table ” and “Will Beg for Dignity.” His short film, “Adult Puberty,” a parody of sex education videos from the 1960s starring award-winning actor Barry Bostwick, became a hit at film festivals throughout North America and is complemented by the humor book, “Adult Puberty: Your Wondrous Journey into the Cluster**** that is Middle Age.
His screenplay “The 70-Year Itch” was optioned by Amazon Studios with acclaimed director Donald Petrie attached the direct. His scriptwriting and fictional short stories have received multiple awards and he’s had many works published both in hard copy media and popular on-line sites. He currently has several projects in the works: “One Shining Moment,” a web series inspired by March Madness, the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament spread over three weeks in the spring; “Rhythm & Life,” a teen drama set in a performing arts high school for Latino students, which is a break from his comedic work; and expanding “Adult Puberty” into a web series as well. Outside of script writing, he has begun a greeting card company called Sports Rivalry Greeting Cards which allows the die-hard sports fan to celebrate special occasions while simultaneously poking fun at their hated rivals. He is also completing his grad school work at Lesley University’s Creative Writing program where he will add to his portfolio of work by 2020.

Funny Quotes

 I feel I’m getting old because my rolodex is accumulating more doctors than friends . . . plus the fact that I still have a rolodex.  

I’m not saying my acting skills are bad, but the only role I won was that of Yorick, the skull, in a regional production of “Hamlet. 

Missouri is the “Show-Me State,” though ironically, as I found out when I was there, it’s actually illegal to show them. 

I went to a Jewish-Catholic wedding once. It was interesting.  They offered the communion wafer with a slice of lox on it.

Family is where you go to solve your problems . . . though much of the time, they are the cause of those problems.  

I dig learning trivia.  On a long car trip with my two-year-old nephew, I learned that the song “It’s a Small World After All” is two hours and fourteen minutes long.

In life, there are no regrets, just lessons; lessons that highlight our regrets.  

With the stock market in a state of uncertainty right now, I put all my savings into a CD instead . . .  “James Taylor Live at the Beacon Theatre” is the one I chose.